Bedford Town F.C. celebrate key stars in a memorable season

(l-r) Prolific goal scorer Dan Walker and club secretary James Smiles
(l-r) Dan Walker and club secretary James Smiles

Bedford Town F.C. finished their season on Friday with their annual award night and review of the season at the Bright Management Eyrie Stadium.

Although missing out on promotion, it was their best season since relegation five years ago. Runs in the F.A. Cup and Trophy, together with reaching the playoffs, ensured it was one to remember.

Players Callum Donnelly and Dan Walker spoke in their unique style in appreciation of the fans and volunteers that keep the club running, before the award giving got underway.

A club such as Bedford can only be as good as the supporters around it, and some of the many volunteers were recognised; Jane Jones, Zac Thornton, and Michael Jarman-Webb were awarded individually, but there were many more unnamed heroes who gave up their time throughout the season.

On the pitch two players emerged to share most of the awards:

Prolific goal scorer Dan Walker won the Website & Social Media Award, the KCW Top Scorer Award, and Supporters Club Player of the Season Award.

Solid and reliable defender Brett Longdon received The Dorothy Spavins Fair Play Award, The Players Player of the Year Award, and the Managers Player of the Years Award.

(l-r) Brett Longdon and Manager Jon Taylor
(l-r) Brett Longdon and Manager Jon Taylor

A fair play award went to Ben Ford, for just two yellow cards in 40 matches, and Paul Benson won the Instagram goal of the season, for his shot in the F.A. Cup game against Dereham Town.

The season may be over, but Bedford Independent will bring you news of forthcoming preseason friendly matches in the next few weeks.

Full list of presented awards:

  • Website and social media award – Dan Walker
  • Jim Davis award – Zac Thornton
  • The Paul Searing award – Michael Jarman-Webb
  • Dorothy Spavins fair play award – Brett Longden
  • Fair Play award – Ben Ford
  • Players player of the year – Brett Longden
  • KCW top goal scorer of the year award – Dan Walker
  • The Instagram goal of the season – Paul Benson
  • Supporters club player of the season – Dan Walker
  • Clubman of the year – Jane Jones
  • Managers player of the year – Brett Longden

Words: Michael Jarman-Webb
Photos: Jane Jones

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