Bedford Town appoint Gary Setchell as new manager

Gary Setchell
The Eagles' new manager, Gary Setchell

Bedford Town have wasted no time in announcing a new manager, a mere 48 hours after the resignation of former manager, Mark Ducket.

Gary Setchell has a bright career across football both as a player and a manager, with successful spells at Rushden & Diamonds and King’s Lynn, where he would later spend seven years as manager.

It was here that Setchell guided his team to successive promotions from step five and then step four, as well as managing impressive cup runs in 384 games for the Norfolk side.

The new manager joins Bedford Town after a recent spell with Wisbech Town, a role he resigned from in May 2019.

Speaking to, new Manager Gary Setchell said, “I’m coming to Bedford as I feel the time is right to get back into the game.”

“It is a club with massive potential. Having met with the owner, [Jon Taylor], I was impressed with their commitment to the club and where they want the club to move forward to.”

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m ready for the games to start coming.”

The Eagles, and owner Jon Taylor especially, will be hoping Setchell can provide the same magic at The Eyrie as he did for King’s Lynn.

“When James and I discussed options for what we wanted from the next manager, we both agreed that a candidate who had achieved success at this level of football was vital”, said Taylor.

“In Gary, we’ve secured the services of a manager who has done this and more, and is respected by players and many others in the non league game.”

“I can’t wait to get him involved and see his drive in action to move the club forward.”

Bedford Town have no game this weekend due to receiving a bye in the first round of the FA Trophy, so Setchell will take charge of his first game on Tuesday night against Berkhamsted.

And the new manager will have plenty of options at his disposal, not least Craig Mackail-Smith, who’s signing was announced earlier this morning to widespread approval from Eagles fans.

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