Bedford students’ anticipation ahead of A-level results

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Exam results

On Thursday morning (13 August), students across the UK will receive results for A-level exams they weren’t able to sit and receive grades that are out of their hands.

As a consequence of the coronavirus lockdown, pupils had their A-level exams cancelled and tomorrow’s grades have been calculated using historic data, mock results, teachers’ assessments and an algorithm adopted by the exam regulator, Ofqual.

After the Scottish government was forced to reinstate 124,000 downgraded results, the Education Secretary announced that any A-level pupils unhappy with their awarded grade could fall back on their mock result.

However, some schools were unable to sit mock exams due to the timing of the lockdown school closures.

Pupils are also able to request a resit in October.

A statement from Ofqual, sent to schools, said, “It is really important that we make sure the same standard is applied for all students, whichever school, college, or part of the country they come from.

“That’s why we have calculated all results using the same method, which makes sure we have a level playing field for all students and results across the country are comparable.

“This means that this year’s results will have the same value as in any other year. Students, universities, colleges and employers can have confidence in the results – allowing the class of 2020 to compete fairly with students from previous and future years.

“The grades awarded will be based either entirely on the teachers’ judgements, or on a combination of their judgements and the statistical moderation.

“Where the moderation process finds that a school or college has over or under-estimated the likely number of students achieving a grade, the students who are moved up or down a grade are those the centre felt were closest to the grade boundary. No grade is being awarded purely on the basis of statistics.

“Although the process of moderation is essential to ensure results are as fair as they can be, there is nothing fair about the fact that Covid-19 has denied young people this year the chance to demonstrate their skills in an exam. For that reason, where possible we have made decisions that work in students’ favour and overall results will be more lenient.”

“[Students] have experienced a unique disruption to their lives. Their grades awarded over the next two weeks will enable as many as possible to move on in their lives with a sense of pride in their hard work and achievements.

Ahead of the results’ announcement, a spokesman for The Bedford Sixth Form in Bromham Road, Bedford said, “We have shown consistently improving results for our students since opening less than a decade ago.

“In this year of exceptional circumstances, we are confident that, whatever the system of measurement, our students will go on to the universities of their choice.”

The Bedford Independent will be reporting on results throughout the day.

For more information on the next steps after students have received their results, contact the Exam Results Helpline on 0800 100 900. You can also contact Ofqual directly on 0300 303 3344, or by email at

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