Bedford speed skipper regains Guinness World Record

Record breaker, Pete Thompson aka Skip Beatz

Bedford skipping sensation, Pete Thompson, has emerged from retirement to reclaim the Guinness World Record of the most crossovers in 60 seconds.

Pete held the record for three years, until it was broken by the 21-year-old Indian skipper, Harbaksh Singh, who recorded 126 crossovers in 60 seconds over the summer.

Despite announcing his retirement from competitive skipping, Pete, 35, was inspired to get back on the ropes to attempt to regain the title.

After a gruelling training programme, on 25 August, at Limelight Studios in Bedford, Pete reclaimed the record, delivering a blistering 129 crossovers in a minute.

The attempt was part of a live lesson, filmed by Don Weerasirie and broadcast to children who have been sent ropes by Pete during lockdown.

Over 1,200 ropes have been sent out by Pete to individuals, schools and organisations in Bedfordshire throughout the pandemic, encouraging children to stay fit and active.

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So, what’s next for the re-crowned record holder?

“Next I am going for most continuous double cross without a break,” Pete told the Bedford Independent.

“It’s a record no one has achieved, and Guinness have set a parameter of 200 to achieve.

“I have done 237 in training, so now I just need to get witness in the room and I will hold three world records. Bring it on.”

Pete and film-maker, Don Weerasirie had planned to travel to India next year as part of a project called Skip to the Summit, as well as visiting other worldwide destinations to meet up with international skippers.

“Don and I are planning to film a documentary called The Culture of Skipping,” said Pete.

“We’re aiming to visit locations around the globe to find out why people jump over a rope.”

Pete has been in touch with his Indian rival, Harbaksh and is hoping that the two of them can arrange a head to head challenge too.

It seems that it might not quite be time for Pete to hang up the ropes just yet…

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