Bedford shop steps up in campaign to save our M&S


A Bedford shop has added its backing to the Save our M&S – Bedford campaign, helping to raise awareness of the store’s proposed closure and show how everyone should be joining forces for the greater good of the town.

Boutique Planet, in The Arcade, is now displaying a colourful dress made from a selection of the hundreds of post-it notes handed into the campaign.

Each one contains ideas from Bedford shoppers that might help M&S remain a permanent fixture in our town centre.

The position for the mannequin was chosen as M&S was first based in the arcade when it opened in Bedford 120 years ago.

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Helen Patterson set up the campaign to ‘put the spark back into Marks’ believing M&S bosses need to see how passionate Bedfordians are about working with them to save the store.

She says the dress represents the excellent way Bedfordians come together when needed: “While the mannequin raises awareness of the threat of closure to our M&S store, it also shows how many Bedfordians will come together for the greater good.

“The idea for the mannequin came from Ruth at The Gordon Arms, Gemma from On The Map designed and made the dress with help from team member Dee, and Kelly from KJ Photography took the excellent photos.

“We’re also very grateful to Jo and Nick at Boutique Planet for donating their shop window space to our campaign.”

Speaking of the Bedford Independent backed ‘Save our M&S – Bedford’ campaign, Jo from Boutique Planet said it’s only right for all businesses in the town to support M&S: “This is about the needs of the community as a whole.

“Town centres need variety, a strong mix of independent and chain stores. We all compliment each other and together we help to offer shoppers a greater choice.

“The more reasons people have to come into Bedford the busier the town will be and the better off all businesses here will be.”

M&S have told the Bedford Independent that, alongside taking part in campaigns like this, fans of the store can also make their voice heard by emailing their Chairman directly via or by calling the M&S Executive Team on: 0333 014 8440.

The mannequin will now remain in place for a few more days, collecting further comments before the ideas are collated and added to an open letter to M&S chairman, Archie Norman.

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