Bedford schoolgirls win prize performance at Pride in London

Lorelei (left) and Ruby (right) perform together as Orphy

Two Lincroft schoolgirls will be representing Bedford on stage in Trafalgar Square this Saturday as part of the Pride in London celebrations.

At the end of May, Ruby Hughes (14) and Lorelei Cobban (15) were scrolling through Instagram and read about an under 18s talent competition organised by Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre. The prize was a slot on the stage at Pride in London.

Ruby and Lorelei – who perform as ‘Orphy’ – both play ukulele and have been writing songs and performing together for the last few months.

“We spontaneously decided to enter,” explained Ruby.  “It was so ‘spur of the moment’ that Lorelei had to borrow one of my jumpers to cover up her school uniform in our entry video.”

In early June, the duo received an email letting them know they’d got through to the private heats in Camden, London. They competed against four other acts and succeeded in getting into the finals.

On Friday 28 June the final of the competition took place at the Virgin Lounge on Piccadilly, with the singers going up against a dancer, a spoken word poet and a drag queen.

The competition, sponsored by Amazon Music, Virgin Money and Mosaic was judged by Skin from Skunk Anansie, drag artist, Crayola the Queen and music producer, Stuart Saint.

“It was the first time we’d performed in front of a large crowd,” said Ruby. “They were really up for it, really enthusiastic and they laughed at all the funny bits too!

“At the end of the evening everyone was called out on stage and they announced that we’d won. It was amazing.”

The Pride in London main stage in Trafalgar Square

Orphy are among 100 performers who will take to the main stage in Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Their slot is at 1.10pm and they have arranged two of their songs for the five-minute performance.

The girls are in good company. Billy Porter, Golden Globe nominee and award-winning Broadway performer, singer, actor and star of the hit TV show Pose, will close the show.

After their appearance at Pride, the girls will be pursuing their solo projects and gigging over the summer.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to following their progress.

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