Bedford Rock Choir return to post pandemic real-life rehearsals

Choir leader, Lizzie Deane, was very excited to see the singers in person

Bedford Rock Choir rehearsals resumed in person this week following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

Members of the Bedford, Milton Keynes and Hitchin choirs were delighted after a long 16 months of rehearsing online.

Lizzie Deane, leader of the three choirs, said: “What a wonderful and emotional week of indoor and outdoor rehearsals. We stayed safe with distancing, sanitizer, good ventilation, masks and we sang together in harmony for the first time in a year and a half.”

Local rock choir members (known as ‘Rockies’) were equally pleased.  Tim Holcroft said it was “Fantastic being back” and “great to sing together again”.

‘Rockie’ Rachel Johnson said: “It was lovely to see everyone’s faces and hear real harmonies going on again.”

Rock Choir is a UK wide contemporary choir with groups in over 400 communities and boasting 33,000 members. The Bedford, Milton Keynes and Hitchin choirs form one region. 

Weekly sessions are delivered by professional musicians and performers with a repertoire focused on pop and rock songs, however, during the pandemic, real-life rehearsals switched to Zoom and Youtube with members taking part in charity events and social activities alongside teaching sessions.

Caroline Redman Lusher, Creator and Creative Director of Rock Choir was “overjoyed” at the return to physical rehearsals.

She said: “Rock Choir is a lifeline for so many of our members and the lockdown experience has been incredibly hard for them.

“However, their resilience and determination to engage with our online teaching was overwhelming.

“I am so proud of all the Rock Choir Members and my dedicated Rock Choir team who passionately led our choirs with the love, energy and positivity that Rock Choir is famous for.”

She added that “allowing choirs to reunite would have a tremendous and positive impact and allow a healing process to begin for those who take part.”

 The Bedford Choir are now gearing up for their first post-pandemic live performance at the Bedford Proms on 12 September.

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