Bedford raising menopause awareness through conference and clinics


An NHS menopause clinic is launching in Bedford this month, joining just 74 similar clinics throughout the UK. February also sees Bedford’s second Menopause Conference at the Higgins.

Run by lead nurse, Lesley Quinn, the Menopause Clinic is run from the London Road Surgery and patients will be able to book in via their own GP if they are in the Bedford locality.

“I will be able to offer advice and guidance, HRT checks and will prescribe HRT if appropriate to do so after assessment,” explained Lesley.

“Many women are struggling with their perimenopause and menopause because there are insufficient NHS menopause clinics for women in the UK,” said Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause specialist in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Dr Newson is known as the Menopause Doctor on Instagram, with over 44,000 followers.

Dr Newson
Dr Newson is passionate about helping women experiencing the menopause

“It is wonderful to hear that a new NHS menopause clinic is opening in this area – I really hope this will encourage other areas to consider how important good quality, evidence-based menopause care is for women.”

On Saturday 8 February, the Bedford Menopause Support Group hosts its second conference, sharing experiences, advice and treatment information.

The event will be held at the Higgins Bedford from 1 – 4pm with speakers including Dr Emily  Davy,  Registrar and Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialist from Lister Hospital.

Dr Davy will be discussing mental health, HRT and HRT alternatives and will host a questions and answers session.

Nana Akua the wellbeing and community radio presenter from BBC 3 Counties Radio will be joined by Cathrine Ward from Unison offering advice on ‘Menopause and Work’, plus Pumpernickel health shop will be discussing alternative treatments.

Arleen from Hot Yoga will share the benefits of yoga and Nichola and Johanna will talk about their personal experiences of the menopause. The day will have a British Sign Language interpreter and full information can be found at the Bedford Menopause Support Group Facebook page.

The Bedford Menopause Support Group was set up in 2019, to openly discuss the topic of Menopause and break the taboo around the word.

The group aims to create a safe space were the word Menopause is not a taboo and can access information or talk about their experiences with like-minded people.

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