Bedford Parkrun organisers ‘cannot confirm’ events will resume in October

Bedford Parkrun
Bedford Parkrunners in pre-Covid times (photo credit

Despite national Parkrun events resuming by the end of October, Bedford’s Parkrun team has confirmed that they have no immediate plans to bring back local events.

As an organised sport, Parkrun is exempt from the latest government guidelines regarding gatherings of more than six people.

International Parkrun events have been suspended since March as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday (Tuesday), England’s Parkrun organisers stated that events can resume in England by the end of October.

A spokesperson for Bedford Parkrun, which runs the mass participation 5km running event in Bedford Park, said, “We cannot at this time confirm that we shall be returning as there are many factors that are in play that could cause us not to be able to open.

“We shall keep everyone informed with the details as and when we have them.”

The Parkrun movement is now active in 22 countries around the globe, after being launched in 2002 by Paul Sinton-Hewitt.

Runners or walkers can take part in 5km events on Saturday mornings while 2km junior events take place on Sunday mornings. Events are free and are run by volunteers.

Pre-lockdown, 729 different locations across the UK staged weekly events and more than two million runners have taken part.

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