Bedford Park runners urged to register for blood stem cell donation

David Thompson and his daughter Rachel
David Thompson and his daughter Rachel

Bedford Park runners are being asked to register as potential blood stem cell donors and go on standby to save a life.

Tomorrow (20 April) the DKMS team will host a public registration event at the Bedford Park Run, at the Pavillion, from 8.30 -11.30am.

They’re encouraging people aged between 17-55 to swab their cheeks to become a potential lifesaver with blood cancer charity DKMS.

Once registered, they’ll go on standby to potentially give someone with blood cancer or disorder a second chance at life if their stem cells match.

Jacqui Thompson, a dedicated runner and volunteer member of the DKMS Bedfordshire Volunteer Hub, lost both her husband and stepson to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Her husband, David, discovered he had the condition soon after their daughter’s first birthday in 1995.

David lived with the condition for a number of years but unfortunately lost his fight with blood cancer in February 2002 on his 51st birthday, as a matching blood stem cell donor could not be found in time.

Her stepson, Jimmy, was just 16 years old when he lost his life.

Jacqui said: “I want to help raise awareness of this wonderful organisation, whose aim is raise awareness and increase the number of potential blood stem cell donors, so a match can be found for everyone in need.

“I have seen first hand how blood cancer affects families; it’s a horrible condition.

“We need more people to come forward and become blood stem cell donors, so I would urge people to come down and spare moment to swab.”

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Many people never find the lifesaving blood stem cell donor match they need. This isn’t because a match doesn’t exist, it’s simply because there aren’t enough people registered as donors.

To register one potential blood stem cell donor it costs £40. DKMS relies on monetary donations to help cover this cost you can help with these costs by donating online.

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