Bedford Nando’s temporarily closed due to Covid self-isolation

The closure is only temporary

Chicken-lovers in Bedford raised concerns on social media this morning (Tuesday), noting that the Bedford branch of Nando’s was closed to customers.

Fortunately for peri-peri fans, the closure is only temporary due to staff shortages following Covid-19 (coronavirus) self-isolation.

Our ‘sauce’ confirmed that the restaurant and takeaway would most likely fully reopen on 22 June.

In a statement to the Bedford Independent, a Nando’s spokesperson said: “A member of our team tested positive for coronavirus, and because of self-isolation regulations, we have not had enough team members to keep the restaurant running this week.

“We have closely adhered to all relevant regulations and look forward to reopening next week, when enough team members are able to come back to work.”

When the restaurant reopens it will resume a virtual queuing system and ask all visitors to ‘check in’ via the NHS app.

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