Bedford Mayoral hustings was a welcome event in uncertain times

Bedford Borough Mayoral Hustings 2019 candidates on stage
Bedford Borough Mayoral Hustings 2019 candidates on stage in the Bedford Blues marquee.

Dear editor,

I would like to congratulate the organisers of the Bedford Borough Mayoral hustings on 18th April for organising a much needed event.

Both the BBC [Three Counties Radio] and the Bedford Independent showed that what we need in these uncertain times, is a chance to tell our politicians exactly what we want from them and have it on record incase they decide to go against their promises.

Being able to see all five candidates tell the gathered crowd what their plans are and also argue with each other about the best way to improve Bedford shows which ones really are up to the job.

They did not always say what I wanted to hear but it has helped me and my wife gather my thoughts and give me food for thought.

There has been real concern recently with the poor handling of Brexit that our politicians are just in it for themselves. This is not a new feeling, and I have seen it many times in my roughly 39 years as a voter. But it seems that these days mostly young people do not care about politics.

It was therefore comforting to be able to attend an event such as this and also see a group of passionate young people also attending, especially the two young men who spoke very well about how they think Bedford’s mayor should engage with young people.

I have enjoyed hustings events in the past and this event was no different. Thank you to the organisers for making sure the people of Bedford still have access to what they need to take part in the issues affecting us all.

Sincerely yours,

Mr W. Gibson



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