Bedford kids fly flag for Great Britain in indoor skydiving world challenge


Last Saturday, 10 children from Skydive Recruitz competed in Bodyflight World Challenge ‘Revenge’ 2018, an international competition at Twinwoods Adventure.

Club secretary Tracey Bell, and mum to Jorja who competes for the team, helped establish Great Britain’s only indoor skydiving youth team. “It started as an after school club at St Andrew’s School Bedford and Rushmoor School a couple of years ago. We went to Twinwoods and one of the instructors suggested the kids gave the wind tunnel a go.

“It was clear that some of the kids had skills and it was decided very quickly that it would be fantastic to come together and form a team.”

Saturday marked the teams’ forth competition.

Remarkably, these local Bedford children go up against adults from all over the world. “We’ve got ten who compete in the team sport and another five who do the dynamic side of it. Our primary coach is the fantastic Jay Richardson who is one of the instructors at Twinwoods,” added Tracey. “Jorja is the oldest at 14 and our youngest member is Kaysie Brown who is eight. We were competing against teams from all over the world, such as from Ireland, America, Bahrain, and more.”

“They have to do a series of movements to gain points. They go from a set move into a different move into a different set move, and try and do as many accurate movements in 35 seconds.”

skydivingThe Recuitz teams managed an impressive 4th and 9th place last Saturday. Competitions like this happen all over the world but the Recruitz are sadly limited to their participation.

“We ultimately need funding, sponsorship and need our governing bodies to recognise these kids as representing team GB,” said Tracey. “These kids are all Bedford born, and fly for GB in our local area. They love what they do. We need to get these kids out in to the world and be the ambassadors for this great sport.”

Everyone is welcome to join Skydive Recruitz, who meet on Saturday mornings at Twinwood Adventure. Contact for any further information.

By Will Hooley

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