Bedford Independent readers help SMART Prebend Centre smash their appeal target


Bedford Independent readers have helped SMART Prebend Centre raise a record breaking £57,747 for the Christmas Relief In Bedford appeal.

Last week we reported on the SMART Prebend Centre’s Christmas Relief In Bedford (CRIB) appeal and we are delighted to be told that our readers have played a massive part in helping them to smash their target, with a dramatic surge of donations after we published articles about their appeal.

The Prebend Centre is open 365 days of the year offering homeless adults a safe space to access the basics that we all take for granted, such as hot meals, phones, internet, medical advice and showers.

SMART workers assist users of the service to make plans to tackle their current problems by working alongside professional partners and other charitable services.

This year the annual CRIB appeal aimed to raise £50,000 to support ongoing operations of the homeless day service on Prebend Street in Bedford.

James Whitcomb, Business Development Manager for SMART explained: “CRIB is vital as the money raised during this appeal helps to fund the centre throughout the winter months, a time that is particularly brutal for homeless people and rough sleepers. We were amazed at the response from the Bedford Independent (readers).

“We received a large volume of donations shortly after it was published and would like to offer our sincere thanks to your readers and everyone who has donated this year.”

Lisa Harrison, Area Manager for SMART commented: “Community support has been incredible, we have seen a record number of donations from local churches, schools, businesses and individuals this year which has made the 2018 CRIB appeal our most successful ever.

“£57,747 is a huge amount and way beyond our hopes for the campaign. The money raised during this CRIB appeal will allow the team to carry on this vital work and I cannot thank those of you who have supported and donated to the campaign enough.”

To find out about The SMART Prebend Centre and to make donations please visit

The SMART Prebend Centre is located at 12 Prebend St, Bedford
MK40 1QW. Telephone: 01234 365955

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