Bedford Independent’s Property Portal is the perfect place for modern estate and letting agents

Bedford Independent Property Pages Typical listing
A typical listing on Bedford Independent's Property Pages gives high-quality images, floor plans, local news and information.

A popular Bedford Estate agent has said they cannot think of a better publisher than the Bedford Independent to give local estate or letting agents such complete coverage.

Cooper Beard Estate Agents and Jayne Beard Associates have used the Bedford Independent’s Property Portal to promote their listings since its launch in November 2018.

“We find that the local interest in the news covered by the Bedford Independent ideally complements our marketing campaigns, alongside national property portals, to give us and our clients a great, rounded, profile in a very targeted way,” said Russell Beard of Cooper Beard.

“As a result of people browsing the website, we know for certain that we have both sold and let the property on an impulse basis. ‘We were not looking to move and then we saw the house of our dreams’ is not an uncommon scenario,” he added.

Traditionally, looking for a new home was something that used to happen in printed local newspapers.

This, however, is increasingly difficult with fewer newspapers using print and smaller print runs from those that still do.

But, the dedicated property portal at the Bedford Independent has created a modern and evolved online version for Bedford’s estate and letting agents.

The site allows estate and letting agents to upload listings automatically through their current listing software and also receive data on how many times each listing has been viewed.

Each listing also includes relevant local information and appropriate news articles so buyers can learn more about the area, enticing them to book a viewing.

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There are also opportunities for featured properties and promotion on the Bedford Independent’s social media channels.

The Bedford Independent also promotes featured properties on their social media channels. This listing was seen by 10,000apx people on Facebook alone, with an engagement rate of 5.2% (an engagement rate of 1-2% is considered ‘good’)

Collectively, each property has the potential to reach up to 160,000 people a month through the Bedford Independent.

“The number of regular hits on the Bedford Independent is very impressive and I cannot think of a bespoke media company that can give a local advertiser such complete coverage,” added Russell.

“Promoting our listings through their property portal, on the main news site and on their social channels, always produces plenty of interest and expands the marketing in a different yet subtle and effective way.

“We are delighted with the service, value for money and niche qualities provided by the Bedford Independent.”

To find out more about how you can add listings to the Bedford Independent Property Portal, email

This is a joint advertising feature from Cooper Beard Estate Agents,
Jayne Beard Associates, and the Bedford Independent.

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