Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards: Community Business nominees


In the run-up to the Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards, in partnership with The Harpur Trust, we’re taking a closer look at the nominees in each category.

Today we’re taking a look at the Bedford businesses that have been nominated and what they do to make Bedford brilliant.

The winners will be announced on 25 March 2021 at 7:30 pm on our websiteFacebook Page and YouTube channel.

Community Business – sponsored by Woodfines Solicitors

Bedford Heights

Since acquiring Bedford Heights in 2014, owners Verve Developments Ltd have not just focused on rejuvenating Bedford Heights, they have also taken a proactive and supportive interest in the wider community.

Verve was keen to demonstrate to Bedford that they are more than just an outsider property developer; they care about the communities in which they invest and seek to become part of the wider networks and groups that make them what they are.

Verve has invested time and money into the town by sponsoring events and initiatives, volunteering time, donating space in the building, and supporting individuals.

This includes everything from organising Christmas dinner for Contact The Elderly to sponsoring local sporting talent, donating space to local schools to display pupil’s artwork to fundraising for and supporting local community groups and organisations.

Evolve Asset Management

As an independent lettings agency and its founder’s roots in Bedford, Evolve Asset Management wanted to think of a constructive method in helping the Bedford community.

They work very closely with Bedford Borough Council helping to house vulnerable families who have been forced out from rough landlords and are in temporary accommodation.

Most agencies would not accept these families as clients; however, they work along with the council and help provide these families a property to call home.

Their industry has gone through much change and regulation within the past 12 months. From June 2019 it became law that letting agents cannot charge tenants a fee for taking a tenancy out with them. However, Evolve Asset Management Ltd has not charged any fees since March 2018.

Jigsaw Marketing

Lisa originally set up Jigsaw Marketing to support local schools with affordable marketing solutions. However, they also help support two Bedford Charity events.

In December 2019 they promoted the SoupFest Bedford event, which raises money for Bedford’s homeless. They distributed the posters, helped in the organisation of the event, and promoted the event on social media and with other Bedford businesses.

They also organised another charity event for Bedford homeless, the Great Ouse Orchestra and Choir concert at St Andrew’s Church.

Once again, they promoted the event and did a fantastic job of getting the message out there. The event was sold out and raised approximately £4000 for Bedford Homeless.

Watton Recruitment

Over the last few years, Watton Recruitment has supported YMCA Bedfordshire with their Women’s Refuge Christmas appeal.

Pretty much all the women who come to the refuges do so with nothing. They and their children have fled leaving clothing and toys behind them.

When Watton Recruitment were asked for her help, they didn’t hesitate to say yes and their passion and zeal in getting contacts to donate to the appeal blew us away.

They go above and beyond in sourcing gifts for the women, making sure no one is left out and that everyone receives something from Father Christmas on Christmas day.

On top of this, Watton Recruitment also supports the Night shelter, Faces Charity, Kings Arms refugee families and Sue Ryder. They also sponsor a local young DJ on In2Beats.

You can find out who has been named Community Business of the Year in the Bedford Independent Everyday Heroes Awards on 25 March 2021 at 7:30 pm on our websiteFacebook Page and YouTube channel.

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