Bedford Independent designer sees his poster published

Curtis Reeve 2019
Curtis with his successful design.

Curtis Reeve, the man behind the Bedford Independent and Bedford Flea branding, plus the designer of the Bedford Clanger, has been selected by BlankPoster to have one of his designs published.

The 22-year-old from Sandy challenged himself to design a poster every week for a year using Instagram’s BlankPoster site.

One of his designs based on the word ‘Impact’ has been selected to feature in Blank Poster’s book to be published later in the year.

You can see more of Curtis’ work on Instagram @cr.eativedesign

Curtis is currently in the final year of the Graphic Communications degree at Bedford College and his hoping to work in a London agency when he graduates.

Last year he was one of four Bedford College students who went through to the finals of the annual YCN design competition after creating a design for Arts Fund. offers young designers the chance to come up with creative ideas for international organisations such as Adidas and AXA.

As if he wasn’t busy enough, he is also working on a top secret project with a local brewer which will be unveiled in the next few weeks.

Bedford College Advanced Practitioner Jeffrey Tribe explained: “Our graphic design courses are now well established for high levels of creativity and competition successes.

“We are the only further education college in the UK to be represented at D&AD New Blood, a chance to showcase to industry the very best design talent from all over the UK at the Truman Gallery, London last July.

One of our students received a ‘Best in Show Award’, further proof of our status as a credible alternative to traditional universities.

Our students can start studying from the age of 16 and progress all the way through to a BA in Graphic Design with The Bedford College Group.

There is no longer an academic reason to move away from the area as we have all the commercial links and opportunities right here.”

“We’re really proud to work with Curtis,” said Erica Roffe of the Bedford Independent and the Bedford Clanger.

“We have worked with a number of Bedford College students and their creativity and ability to understand and interpret professional briefs is always impressive.

“Curtis would be an asset to any London agency, but we’ll be sorry to lose him.”

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