Bedford house prices rising faster than national average

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House prices in Bedford are rising faster than the national average according to recent research.

The average home in Bedford added £38,000 in value in the last year. In the UK overall, an average home added £21,000 in value.

In fact, on the wealthiest street in Bedford, an average property is estimated to be worth £1,120,000, over three times the £286,000 national average house price.

  • Cleat Hill, MK41 Average value: £1,120,000
  • Longacre, MK41 Average value: £1,098,000
  • Glebe Road, MK40 Average value: £871,000
  • Troon Close, MK41 Average value: £826,000
  • Shaftesbury Avenue, MK40 Average value: £815,000
  • Kimbolton Road, MK41 Average value: £800,000
  • Pemberley Avenue, MK40 Average value: £779,000
  • Balmoral Avenue, MK40 Average value: £768,000
  • Chudleigh Close, MK40 Average value: £764,000
  • Ellis Road, MK41 Average value: £762,000

Varbes, who produce up-to-date UK area insights covering everything from house prices to demographics, carried out the research.

Bedford house prices compared to the national average. Data: Varbes
Bedford house prices compared to the national average. Data: Varbes

They also found that homes on some of Bedford’s streets were over two times larger than the average UK property.

  • Chudleigh Close, MK40 Average size: 2,713 sq ft
  • Longacre, MK41 Average size: 2,546 sq ft
  • Cleat Hill, MK41 Average size: 2,193 sq ft
  • Troon Close, MK41 Average size: 2,110 sq ft
  • Shaftesbury Avenue, MK40 Average size: 2,050 sq ft
  • Pemberley Avenue, MK40 Average size: 1,990 sq ft
  • Kimbolton Road, MK41 Average size: 1,985 sq ft
  • Balmoral Avenue, MK40 Average size: 1,853 sq ft
  • Glebe Road, MK40 Average size: 1,850 sq ft
  • Ellis Road, MK41 Average size: 1,607 sq ft

The street with the largest properties in Bedford has an average house size of 2,713 square feet, which is over two times the 950 square feet average home.

This makes the average cost per square foot in Bedford £412.

Matthew Whitfield, Director at Varbes, said: “House prices in Bedford currently average £344,000, but over 400 properties have sold for more than a million pounds.

“On the most expensive street within the town, Cleat Hill, an average property is worth £1.12m, nearly four times the £286,000 national average house price.

“In Bedford, house prices have grown by 12.6% in the past year, higher than the 7.8% UK rate, according to data from HM Land Registry.”

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