Bedford Hockey Club’s Yvette van Yperen secures England wins

Yvette van Yperen
Yvette van Yperen

Over the past week, the Masters Hockey European Championship has been taking place, in the searing heat of Rotterdam.

One of the England O35’s squad was Bedford Hockey Club’s Yvette van Yperen. Although Yvette’s native land was the host nation, itself, her official adoption of England, as her home, has enabled her to be welcomed as a representative for this country.

Throughout the Championship, the England team played matches against Wales, Germany and Spain, as well as the Netherlands, and England gained victories in every game.

In two of the matches, against the Netherlands and Spain, Yvette ensured England wins, through her goal-scoring prowess. Whilst, in the final match of the week, a goal resulting from a perfectly placed ball, by Yvette, guaranteed the win over Germany.

After their hugely successful week, England return home as European Champions, and Yvette adds another Gold medal to her tally. England were the defending champions, following a Gold-winning performance in the 2018 Championship in Spain.

There was no question of Yvette, or her family and friends’ loyalties, even when going head-to-head against the Netherlands’ national squad.

Speaking of her amazing 53rd minute half-volley goal against the Netherlands, Yvette commented: “I think it was probably the best goal I’ve ever scored in my whole career”, adding “the fact that the Championship was held at Rotterdam, and that I scored the winning goal against the Dutch, was incredibly special – I still can’t quite believe it”.

Yvette’s mum, Margaret, meanwhile said she was ‘bursting with pride’ supporting her daughter, and the England team.

England O35’s hockey squad
England O35’s hockey squad

Yvette doesn’t have very much recovery time before she will be back in action, playing for Bedford Hockey Club. The new season will be starting, with some pre-league friendlies, in August.

The Club is, always, looking to welcome new players. It is, also, a fantastic place to come to watch some high-class sporting action.

Meanwhile, if anyone would like further information on the range of sponsorship packages available, the Club would be delighted to explore a partnership with you, just head to our website

Words: Jean Fitch

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