Bedford Giving announces grants available to organisations supporting Bedford’s children and families

Bedford Giving grants panel call out
Image: Bedford Giving

Bedford Giving has £80,000 worth of grants to distribute to local organisations which support children aged five and under and their families.

The movement is looking for local groups and organisations which could benefit from a grant of up to £20,000. In particular, it’s targeting smaller grassroots groups such as playgroups and parents’ groups to apply.

Parents of young children in Bedford have identified two of the biggest unmet needs in the borough providing affordable and accessible recreational, creative or educational activities for children, as well as opportunities for parents of young children to meet and offer mutual support.

Bedford Giving is a collaboration of passionate funders, businesses and residents to help create a brighter future for young people in Bedford.

It’s brought together a second group of local parents to form a panel, to share their knowledge on the needs of young children and their parents and carers.

The Parent Panel will make funding decisions on £80,000 of grants so local organisations can help meet those needs.

Bedford Giving Director Paul (PK) Kellett said: “We’re looking for organisations which really make a difference to the lives of young children in the borough to apply, as well as those grassroots groups who would usually not come forward to apply.

“We’ve made the process really easy for applying and we’re also running surgeries for prospective applicants, so those new to writing applications can complete the form with the help of our dedicated Grants Officer.

“Do you work or volunteer for an organisation that supports young children or their parents and think your organisation could benefit? Or could you encourage a group you think fits the criteria to apply? Please go to our website to find out more.

“Participatory grantmaking is about devolving decision-making to people in the communities impacted.

This is exactly what we have done with Bedford Giving, we’ve involved parents who have extensive lived experience of some of the issues we’re tackling, to make the funding decisions, to help create solutions to the challenges faced by families in the town.”

Through the initial round of funding last year, the first Parent Panel awarded ten grants to support a range of projects focusing on mental health support for children and families under eight, support for fathers, and for families of children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND).

Dorian Alexis, CEO of Samsons Academy Charity, which was successful in applying for a grant in the last round, added, “When you’re a small charitable organisation and you are applying for funding, it can be a very daunting task.

The application process with Bedford Giving is nothing to fear, it’s a straightforward and very clear process from start to finish.

“The team seem to totally understand the anxieties that some people feel when applying for grants. It’s no way as daunting as you might think. The clues in the name – good luck.” 

To find out further information about the grants visit or to book to attend an application surgery contact