Bedford Football Academy looking forward to their trip to Vicarage Road

Bedford Football Academy
Bedford Football Academy

Players from Bedford Football Academy (BFA)’s U7s team have been given the opportunity to play at Vicarage Road, the Premier League ground of Watford FC.

The invitation was extended after the BFA’s academy director spoke to the coaches at the Hertfordshire club.

They were so impressed with how well the team had played this year that they asked them along to Vicarage Road to play on the same turf as the game’s top players.

While they won’t meet any of the Watford players on their trip, they have been lucky enough to meet WFC’s Adrian Mariappa, when he visited a BFA training session to speak to the players.

“Playing at Watford FC will be a great experience for the kids,” said Sam Mastrafchiev, BFA U7’s Coach.

“They love football and are good enough to compete on the highest level in their age group. This visit will make them more confident and massively help us coaches with their ongoing development.”

“BFA is everything to me and I am enjoying it lots,” said Austin, aged 6. “The coaches are very helpful and I have made lots of new friends.”

“BFA has built my son’s confidence,” said Austin’s mum, Zoe. “The manager really inspires him and he has made some wonderful friends along the way.”

“My son isn’t the most confident, loudest or most outgoing child but BFA has really helped him build his self confidence and allowed his self believe to grow,” said Elisa, mum of Logan.

“He has made some great friends and continues to improve his game, in a non pressured environment that truly encourages and nurtures it’s players.

“My son absolutely loves the Academy and seeing the joy it it brings him being part of the team, makes standing out in the cold wet mornings, all worth it.”

“Emerson absolutely loved BFA from the very first nights training session,” said his mum, Rowan.

“Now he plays for the U7’s team and BFA has become like family. Such a great group of coaches and players.

“I would recommend this football club to anyone wanting to let their child let their inner footballer out – whether for fun on a Friday night or to trial for one of the teams.”

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