Bedford foodie review pays tribute to local pizza lover

Matthew Davies-Binge visited Bedford's Mamma Concetta for his Food Review Club Facebook page.

A popular Facebook foodie page which aims to uncover Britain’s hidden gems, has paid tribute to a local man with a review of Bedford’s Mamma Concetta.

Jonathan Thorpe worked at a bank in Bedford Town centre and wrote to the Food Review Club to say their reviews helped him during his battle with terminal cancer.

In a heartfelt message, he told founder Matthew Davies-Binge, that he had just weeks to live but found “comfort and pain relief in the video reviews.”

He added that he wanted to thank people who “may not have known they helped him” and urged the club to visit Bedford and review his favourite restaurant Mamma Concetta.

Matt revealed his conversation with Jonathan in an emotional video, saying he had promised to visit and post a review soon.

But, sadly, Jonathan’s wife had since got in touch to say he had passed away.

Keeping his promise, Matt visited Bedford last week and reviewed Mamma Concetta’s margherita pizza.

Matt said he was immediately impressed with the popular Italian restaurant on Harpur Street, Bedford.

“I heard this place was the real deal, but my God I wasn’t expecting it to taste like that,” said Matt.

“I’ve spent years eating kebab shop pizza and Dominoes… this is leagues above what I’ve spent years eating. This is a remarkable pizza.

“The sauce has a tang I love. The cheese, a punchiness that i’ve never had before. It’s mouthwatering. It’s delicious. I’m over the moon.”

He then went on to score Mamma Concetta’s pizza 9.2 our of ten.

Speaking about the conversation he had with Jonathan, Matt added: “We do get lots of people getting in touch, to tell us how they love our videos.

“Some aren’t in a good place and the videos lift their spirits, but every now and again one hits you and you get a reality check.

“Jonathan’s really touching message hit me hard and put a lump in my throat. I’m pleased I was able to keep my promise.

“Jonathan’s wife Lizzie later told me he would have loved the review.”

The Food Review Club started around 18 months ago and now has over 172,000 followers.

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