Bedford Foodbank receives World Kindness Day donation from Bellway

Bedford Foodbank project manager, Srah Broughton and Bellway's Luke Soutgate

A food bank in Bedford received a donation from Bellway house builders as part of World Kindness Day last week.

The developer donated £200 worth of supplies to Bedford Foodbank.

Bedford Foodbank is part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, which works to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

The Bedford branch alone has given out more than 3,500 food parcels in the last year and helped feed more than 7,400 people, identified by 180 local referral agencies.

Luke Southgate, Sales Director for Bellway Northern Home Counties, said, “As a responsible builder, we’re very aware that we’re not just building houses, but adding to and contributing to communities.

“We don’t think anyone in those communities should go hungry. That’s why we are so keen to donate to Bedford Foodbank and would urge other companies and individuals to do the same.

“Bedford Foodbank and The Trussell Trust both do an amazing job, and their work wouldn’t be possible without the support of their amazing volunteers. However, it is still a job that needs constant support from local people and firms.”

Sarah Broughton, Project Manager for Bedford Foodbank said, “We want to thank Bellway for the food they have donated.

“This will make a massive difference to people facing food poverty in Bedford. We feed 600 people every month, and generous donations such as this one, help us to continue to deliver this service.”

The foodbank is currently asking for donations including UHT fruit juice, packet soup, jam, tinned fruit, jars of pasta sauce, biscuits, tin openers, cleaning spray, washing-up liquid and old saucepans.

Food collection points include All Nations Church, Bedford (9.30am to 4pm); Bunyan Meeting Church, Bedford (11am to 4pm); Morrisons, Bedford (7am to 10pm); Sainsbury’s, Bedford (7am to 11pm); Sainsbury’s, Kempston (7am to 10pm); St Paul’s Church, Bedford (10am to 4pm); Tesco, Cardington Road, Bedford (24 hours); Tesco, Riverfield Drive, Bedford (6am to 12am); Waitrose, Bedford (7.30am to 10pm).

People can also donate money to the foodbank or volunteer to help with foodbank work.

For more information about Bedford Foodbank go to

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