Bedford entrepreneur receives #WOW award from Jacqueline Gold CBE

Gemma Lane
Gemma Lane of On the Map

An entrepreneur from Bedford has been recognised by inspirational British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold, CEO of the Gold Group and the UK’s 16th richest businesswomen.

Gemma Lane from On The Map UK achieved the recognition of Ms Gold CBE, for her success as a female entrepreneur, and was awarded with a prestigious #WOW badge.

Gemma was one of three winners selected by Jacqueline after she entered ‘Women on Wednesday’ – a competition launched by Jacqueline in 2011 to celebrate the growing number of UK female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Women on Wednesday (#WOW) takes place every week and is run through Jacqueline’s Twitter page.

When selecting the winners, Jacqueline looks for businesses that are interesting, that have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry.

She looks for quality products and services, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who demonstrate good business acumen and who have spotted a gap in the market that meets the consumer’s needs.

“After working on a mobile soup kitchen project in 2017, I realised that more important than the food and toiletries being supplied was support and getting those in need off the street and into safe and suitable accommodation,” said On the Map’s Gemma Lane.

“I decided to combine this passion with my love of creativity and On The Map UK was born.

“Everyone Should have the Opportunity to be On The Map.”

Commenting on the award, Jacqueline said, “On The Map UK provides unique map artwork and travel based products ranging from bespoke gifts and homewares, to stationery and event decor.

“Gemma’s creativity and passion for working to end homelessness through her products sets this company apart. I wish her every success in the future.

“For me, #WOW is all about inspiring and celebrating female entrepreneurs. My vision is for women in the UK to come together, celebrate their strengths, skills and fantastic businesses, and do all that they can to inspire other women to realise their potential.

“The WOW community is a fantastic network which offers female entrepreneurs the opportunity to share advice, support each other, trade and most importantly celebrate their successes.”

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