Bedford DJ about to embark on UK tour with homegrown concept show


You only need to look at the gig listings for pubs around the Borough or at Esquires to see that Bedford punches above its weight when it comes to live bands, but what about DJs?

Well, a young Bedford DJ could be about to help put Bedford on the club scene map too.

Following in the footsteps of Bedford talent like DJ Wreckdown, 17-year-old Olly Walker is already turning heads with his own music.

He’s hit over 200,000 track plays of ‘Hummingbird OX2 Remix’ on Spotify with his duo project OX2 and now he’s starting his own solo project.

His concept show GENESIS, which premiered at the Quarry Theatre in Bedford back in February is now set to go on tour around the UK, and it’ll end back here in Bedford in the summer.

Olly has been working on the project for the past 10 months with friends Rob Brown and Elliot Baines who form his technical team and they’re now ready to take the show on the road.

The Quarry Theatre show was designed by the team from scratch, with original visuals designed by Olly and Rob, including marketing, branding and promotion of the event.

Olly’s already used to big crowds too, having tested some of the music and visual content on audiences at Bedford’s River Festival last July.

From this, they discovered what designs would work well in front of an audience and took the concept further.

He’s definitely a home-grown up-and-coming music talent who has already had major success at a very young age.

This is thanks to being able to perform at events like the Bedford River Festival and Quarry Theatre, but it’s Olly’s passion that will take his music to the next level.

But where did it all begin? Olly tells us he’s been experimenting with electronic music since he was 12, initially DJing other people’s work before moving to produce his own music about three years ago.

Using the studios at Bedford School, where he was educated, he’s been able to create his own style and lay down tracks that are now building a playlist that would go down well at some of the world’s best clubs.

His latest track ‘The One’ is due for release on 20 May an will be available to download on all major platforms.

But you can hear a sample of the track on our interview with Olly above.

While Olly may be at the forefront, however, he can’t help but enthuse about the team around him. “We’ve got a decent team around us. Friends who are also from Bedford School looking after the lights and visuals and even the management.

“It’s really supportive to have these people around me.”

And does Olly have any advice for any other aspiring DJs who may feel inspired: “Just do it. You can sit around and say you’re going to do it but there are so many resources now you don’t have an excuse.

“You just need a laptop, Google search for some software, it doesn’t matter what software you use, it’s about getting the creative ideas our of your head.

“Delve right into it. Jump in the deep end.”

Full details are yet to be announced but the three-week tour will start in Bedford and finish back here in the summer. With stops at clubs around the country.

Additional words: Harry Beard

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