Bedford company scoops sustainability win at regional manufacturing awards

Midas installed a solar farm on the top of its building in its bid to become carbon zero

A Bedford-based manufacturer which installed its own solar farm, will go on to compete in the national finals after winning at a regional manufacturing awards ceremony organised by Make UK.

Midas Pattern Company Ltd picked up the Energy and Sustainability Award at the Make UK Midlands awards ceremony which was held virtually.

Based at Elms Farm Industrial Estate in Bedford, Midas is a world leading, process carbon neutral polyurethane RIM moulding company that provides a range of prototype and production moulding solutions.

All tooling is manufactured on site and RIM mouldings ideally suited to high value, innovative products such as medical devices, scientific instrumentation and complex electronics.

Trading for over 30 years now, the Bedford moulding company provides 75 jobs to the local community and manufactures parts for everyone from innovative start-up companies, right through to large global corporations.

For the last 18 months, the team have worked tirelessly to reduce its impact on the environment.

Having switched all energy inputs to renewable sources, including the installation of its own solar farm, and tackling waste throughout the process, the company has achieved Process Carbon Neutrality.

Midas are focused on completing scope 3 requirements so it can become fully carbon zero.

Charlotte Horobin, Midlands Region Director for Make UK, said, “These awards are a testament to the dynamic companies and individuals working within engineering and manufacturing.

“The sector has been at the heart of delivering during the crisis and as we re-build our economy there will be a bright future for companies and individuals that make the most of their talent.”

The company will now go forward to the national finals to compete against other regional winners across the UK.

“What a fabulous feeling to have won this award,” said Midas MD, Alan Rance.

“We are really pleased to have such positive news to spread and hopefully inspire others to do more to help the environment.

“I want to thank all the Midas team for the belief and support you have shown this initiative and all the work that you’ve done to help make Midas the green company it is today.”

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