Bedford company at ‘front-line’ of defence against coronavirus

Biocide bio-mist

A Bedford company is said to be at the ‘frontline of defence’ against coronavirus after its bio-misting service was proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses, germs and bacteria, including COVID-19.

Fogizar‘s bio-misting is already being used in businesses, like restaurants, who need a high level of cleanliness.

But, with people slowly being allowed to visit public buildings and work places, other businesses are now seeking support to make their properties as safe as possible.

“We started the business helping prevent the spread of infection in hospitals in Asia,” said managing director, Gregg Jones.

“But it’s become more necessary for other places to be treated with a clinical biocide in the last few months.”

The team recently worked with Bedford Town Football club to bio-mist their indoor areas so they could restart training and open up function rooms.

Many businesses in the UK have been able to reopen since 4 July and have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and other people on their site.

While their products had already been certified to kill bacterial germs and viruses up to levels required in medical facilities, they sought third party verification to see if COVID-19 would be killed too.

Carrying out stringent test, BluTest laboratories confirmed Fogizar’s bio-mist is effective against ‘all coronaviruses and SARS‐CoV‐2.’

“We also use World Health Organisation approved equipment alongside our bio-mist, so businesses can reassure staff and customers that they’re coming into hospital level clinical conditions,” added Gregg.

The ‘dry’ mist their equipment produces is only 5 to 10 microns across, meaning it will settle on all surfaces and places that manual cleaning can’t reach.

Once it’s applied the surfaces are clinically clean for 30 days.

“This is not only quick and effective at keeping surfaces and hard to reach areas germ-free, but it also kills airborne pathogens; something that manual cleaning cannot do,” said Gregg.

“In fact, there is also evidence to suggest that manual cleaning with a cloth and a biocide solution can actually spread bacteria and cause cross-contamination.”

While the focus is very much on businesses and local venues to make sure they’re supporting the efforts to reduce the spread of infection, Gregg says they can work with anyone.

“The bio-mist can be used in all buildings, including residential, and we’re working with a number of homes too” he says.

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