Bedford College receives its Royal Charter

Ian Pryce and Bedford College Charter
Ian Pryce CBE with Bedford College's Official Charter.

Bedford College has been handed its Royal Charter, and is now officially a member of the Chartered Institution for Further Education, under Royal Charter.

Principal and Chief Executive of Bedford College, Ian Pryce CBE took part in the admissions ceremony at the Apothecaries Hall, London last month.

He said: “We are delighted and proud to to take our place among so many exceptional organisations.

“We want to work with others to raise the profile of the further education sector, promote its professionalism and raise standards further to give everyone in our community a better future and help individuals and employers achieve their ambition.

“The Royal Charter and the creation of the Institution is the most visible signal of the national importance of further education since incorporation in 1993.

“We look forward to helping increase the awareness of the force for good that is further education.”

But the application for membership of applying for Membership of the Chartered Institution for Further Education and the success of the application has a much more wider impact than just a benchmark of quality.

“As a Chartered provider we feel part of a very special set of institutions, committed not to being boastful but to promoting the whole sector and the work it does,” said Ian.

“The Charter gives the sector a profile and independence it has not had before and creates a space for us to be independent-minded.”

Dan Wright, CEO and Secretary of the Chartered Institution for Further Education added: “Bedford College is a shining example of excellence in further education and we are delighted to welcome the College as a new Member of the Chartered Institution for Further Education.

“We look forward to working together to promote and elevate the sector as a whole.”

Another accolade for the college

While this is a historical moment for Bedford College, it’s just one of many accolades achieved in its 127 year history.

The college’s history can be traced back to1892 when the Bedford Training College for Teachers was formed.

Since then they have moved with the times and changing trends of education, as well as expanding their educational provision when opportunities have presented themselves.

This has included the acquisition of Shuttleworth College and Bedford Training Group, and a 2017 merger with Tresham College.

Now, The Bedford College Group serves almost twenty thousand students and apprentices each year.

As well as the charter, Bedford College has boasts an incredible array of awards:

  • 2008 – the first general FE college to be awarded the Five Star European Quality Mark (EFQM), as well as winning the National Award for Leadership.
  • 2011 – TES Leadership Award and Bedfordshire Business Community’s best large organisation in the county of Bedfordshire

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