Bedford charity, FACES receives £1k donation to tackle child poverty

From left to right: Sharon Pratt (volunteer), Wendie Harvey (FACES CEO), Amy Archer (practitioner) and Patrica Bellamy (volunteer)

A donation of £1,000 will benefit a Bedford charity’s scheme to feed underprivileged children during the school holidays.

The ‘holiday hunger’ scheme is run by FACES, a charity supporting deprived families across Bedfordshire. The award-winning charity tackles all aspects of domestic support from pregnancy, violence to behavioural issues and family crises.

The donation comes as part of Barratt and David Wilson Homes’ Community Fund initiative where a monthly donation of £1,000 is given to a selected charity.

The cash will be used to fund FACES’ ‘holiday hunger’ scheme. The scheme was started at the beginning of July and is expected to run until September, offering children free meals during the summer holidays.

The charity has been running for 8 years and aims to ensure that every family needing support in Bedford Borough has access to their range of services, especially at a time when charities are facing new challenges post Covid-19.

Wendie Harvey, Chief Executive at FACES, said, “The recent Covid-19 crisis has meant we are busier than ever.

“We have had to alter our approach from preventative to reactive in a bid to combat the effects of some people losing their incomes entirely. Last year we helped over 1,000 children, though I would expect that number to double this year.

“It truly breaks my heart to know that children will go hungry tonight. If it’s not part of your world, you wouldn’t know just how many children are suffering here in the UK.

“We only exist because of generosity as we receive no funding from local authorities – so a massive thank you to Barratt and David Wilson Homes.”

FACES are currently providing 40 meals a day to underprivileged children in the local area.

“We are only expecting to get busier as the schools close for summer holidays and with new social distancing rules, we are still managing to maintain our close relationship with the affected families,” said Wendie.

“The support of Barratt and David Wilson Homes has given us the confidence to go ahead with this scheme, knowing we have received financial support already.”

Karly Williams, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Thames, said, “The breadth of support that FACES offers is truly incredible. They help so many people of all ages and backgrounds at some of the most difficult times in their lives.

“Our Community Fund scheme is designed to support the local community through the hard work that local charities put in.

“FACES address the very serious but often overlooked issues of poverty in Bedfordshire and is so dedicated to improving the community on a whole.”

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