Bedford calls on volunteers for the Great British Spring Clean

Great British Spring Clean Bedford Streets

The Great British Spring clean starts on March 22 and Bedford Borough Council is organising a series of events across to collect and safely dispose of litter.

The Borough is joining forces with Keep Britain Tidy to encourage us all to change how we use plastic and make the most of recycling services.

The campaign, which takes place every year, wants 500,000 litter pickers to take part. A spokesperson from Keep Britain Tidy said: “We want to stand together and declare that litter pollution, including single-use plastic which degrades the beauty of our environment and threatens to harm wildlife is not acceptable.”

Great British Spring Clean Bedford ParksBedford Mayor Dave Hodgson emphasised how important the Great British Spring clean is to our own area: “We are proud to support local communities in and around Bedford with their clean-up efforts and would like to thank all of our volunteers for their fantastic work.

“If you’ve never volunteered before, this is a great place to start.”

Events start on the 23 March, with start times of 10am (unless otherwise specified)

23 March:

  • Stevington – meet at Stevington Village Hall
  • Stagsden – meet at Millennium Green Junction
  • Bedford – meet at Salvation Amy Woolpack Hub, Commercial Road

24 March:

  • Wilstead – meet at the corner of Luton Road/Longmeadow Drive
  • Wootton – meet outside the Village Hall (start at 10.30am)

30 March:

  • Bedford – meet outside the Star Rowing Club on the Embankment, for RiverCare 2019

6 April:

  • Sharnbrook – meet at Parish Office, 30 Church Lane

13 April:

  • Melchbourne – meet at Melchbourne Village Hall
  • Yelden – meet at Yelden Village Hall

14 April:

  • Great Denham – meet at the Community Hall

To get involved or for further information email or visit the campaigns website.

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