Bedford business secures international privacy contract

Data Privacy

Bedford based Privacy Helper have secured an exclusive international contract to supply the UK with privacy products from Netherlands based Spy-Fy.

They say it will give UK businesses access to “high-quality ‘off-line’ privacy tools, at a lower cost”.

“We’re really pleased to have secured this contract,” said Privacy Helper’s Data & Compliance Director, Andy Chesterman. “While we are busy securing the data our clients across the UK hold online, businesses can often overlook how they protect that same data ‘offline’.

“Giving them access to products like webcam covers, RFID protectors, USB Blockers and passport protectors, as part of corporate packs, means they can increase customer confidence in their security systems and processes.”

The partnership between Privacy Helper and Spy-Fy will help businesses give their employees the security tools needed to protect data and build a culture of privacy which is absolutely vital as cybercrime is on the rise.

A report by independent Internet Service Provider for businesses, Beaming, found that cybercrime doubled in the last five years.

Their study also shows a quarter of UK businesses (1.5 million) were victims of cyber criminals in 2019. That’s up from 755,000 businesses (13%) in 2015.

While large businesses were most at risk, SMEs saw the biggest increase in cybercrime.

Beaming estimates this has cost UK businesses more than £87 billion in damaged assets, financial penalties and lost productivity.

Ties den Dekker, Managing Director at Spy-Fy added: “In this digital age, protecting your privacy and online security may seem like an impossible task.

“With Spy-Fy we have a mission to make cyber and privacy protection understandable, accessible and safe for everyone by using the offline power of hardware.

“We’ve had our eye on launching our products in the UK market for a while now but never really found the right partner. I’m very excited to finally enter this large potential market with Privacy Helper.”

The deal highlights the desire of companies like Privacy Helper and Spy-Fy, who have already sold over one million of their products, to continue trading across borders despite ongoing Brexit discussions.

Privacy Helper will also be supporting Spy-Fy’s existing client base with any GDPR requirements that arise.

“Partnering with a respected international company like Spy-Fy is a massive coup for us, and we’re delighted to be building an international relationship with them as we our period of growth and development,” added Andy.

Spy-Fy products will be available to all Privacy Helper clients from today. To find out more about the GDPR, ePrivacy and other data security services Privacy Helper can offer you, head to

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