Bedford Bubble Tea raffle to raise funds for mental health charity

Image: BBTEA

A raffle being held at BBTea on Bedford High Street this week has been helping to raise funds for MIND BLMK.

The team at the popular bubble tea shop have persuaded 23 local businesses to join them in donating a prize or, in some cases, multiple prizes giving people who enter a chance to win one of a huge range of items and or vouchers.

The tickets can be purchased in-store up until Saturday, 24 February, with winners being announced on 26 February.

A spokesperson for BBTEA said: “All proceeds to the raffle go towards MIND BLMK which is a charity we chose as it’s very close to our hearts.

“We think it’s incredibly important to talk about mental health issues and would like to take away some of the stigma surrounding them.

“We have had staff members and people very close to us suffer with mental health issues so when choosing a charity, it was very clear to us that we would choose MIND.”

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