Bedford Brickworks regeneration plans to go on display

Stewartby Brickworks Proposals
Cloud Wing's proposed design of the Stewartby development.

Bedfordians will have a chance to see plans for the regeneration of the Stewartby brickworks at a public exhibition this month.

The exhibition by developers Cloud Wing, will take place on 11 January at Stewartby Village Hall from midday until 9pm.

Visitors will be able to see how developers plan to revitalise the former industrial site, including how they’ll honour the area’s brick making heritage by installing a new replica ‘Stewartby’ chimney.

The public will be able to discuss the proposals with the project team and share their views on the plans.

Stewartby Brickworks
The current ‘Stewartby’ chimney will be knocked down and replaced by a replica.

Cloud Wing say the plans will revitalise the former industrial sites to bring back jobs and homes to the area and create new, sustainable communities firmly rooted in the area’s history.

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Shen Kan from Cloud Wing hopes as many people as possible will come along to feedback on their ideas: “Our vision is to create thriving new residential and business communities which contribute to the enhancement of Bedford.

“These sites have the potential to create thousands of well-paid jobs, reducing the need for local people to commute out of the town for work. I am looking forward to speaking with the public about our proposals and building the homes Bedford needs for the future generations to come”.

You can find more information about the plans and the public exhibition at the Bedford Brickworks website.

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