Bedford Borough parliamentary candidates now confirmed

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Yesterday (Thursday) was the deadline for the nomination for parliamentary candidates standing in the general election on Thursday 12 December.

Below is a list of all candidates standing in seats within Bedford Borough, namely Bedford & Kempston, Mid Bedfordshire and North East Bedfordshire.

Over the next four weeks, the Bedford Independent will be looking ‘beyond Brexit’ and outlining each of the candidates’ policies on topics that affect the Borough.

These will include the NHS, policing, education, housing and the environment.

To vote in this election, you must be on the electoral register. If you are not already registered to vote, make sure you do it by Tuesday 26 November 2019.

You can register to vote online by visiting the Council’s website at and going to General Election 2019.


Bedford & Kempston

Mohammad Yasin – Labour Party

Ryan Henson – Conservative Party

Henry Vann – Liberal Democrat Party

Adrian Spurrell – Green Part

Charles Bunker – Brexit Party

North East Bedfordshire

Richard Fuller – Conservative Party

Julian Vaughn – Labour Party

Daniel Norton – Liberal Democrat Party

Philippa Fleming – Green Party

Adam Zerny – Independent

Mid Bedfordshire

Nadine Dorries – Conservative Party

Rhiannon Meades – Labour Party

Rachel McGann – Liberal Democrat Party

Gareth Ellis – Green Party

Alan Victor – Independent

Ann Kelly – Monster Raving Looney Party

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