Bedford Borough health sector records zero COVID-19 cases over three days last week


There were no cases of Covid-19 reported in Bedford Borough’s health sector over three days last week.

During a Covid update to yesterday’s Adult Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Tuesday, May 24), the council’s director of adults’ services, Kate Walker, said: “I don’t think we’ve ever had a day where we haven’t had a reported case in any of our regulated services.

“But from Wednesday to Friday last week that was the case, there were no new cases identified in areas that are still tested through the current guidance.

“That’s not to say that there won’t be transmission, but the transmission rates have come right down,” she said.

Ms Walker added that care homes and other services are remaining cautious.

“They have to manage the risk with regards to discharge from hospital, with regards to visits, which are much more open and inclusive now,” she said.

Ashok Khandelwal, director at Healthwatch Bedford Borough, wanted assurance that hospital discharges are only after proper testing and assessment if the person was to go to a care home.

Ms Walker replied: “There have been times where we’ve had to make sure that that guidance is followed.

“People are required to have a test so that the status of their Covid is known to the ongoing care provider.

“It’s positive to report that even where we have had cases of Covid related to hospital discharge or other, the symptoms and the severity of Covid has not been anything like it was in that first wave.

“But it is something we monitor closely, we work closely with the acute trust and the discharge navigators to make sure that we get the message across that we must have the test within 48 hours prior to discharge or admission to a care home,” she added.

Cllr Mohammed Nawaz (Labour, Kempston Central & East Ward) asked about monkeypox

“I think there’s 15-16 cases around the UK at the moment, maybe more,” he said.

“Hopefully we don’t have anything in Bedford, Are you aware of any cases,” he asked.

Ms Walker replied that she wasn’t an expert on monkeypox.

“Speaking to colleagues in Public Health today, I know there’s a watching brief on what’s happening nationally and locally, but I’m not aware of anything in Bedford Borough,” she said.

by John Guinn
Local Democracy Reporter

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