Bedford Borough Council thanks Nigel Farage for ‘flagging’ Borough’s diversity after Twitter gaff

Leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage. Image: Nigel Farage / Twitter
Leader of Reform UK, Nigel Farage. Image: Nigel Farage / Twitter

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party, has been thanked by Bedford Borough Council for ‘flagging’ how diverse our Borough is.

In an incorrect tweet to his 1.7m followers, Mr Farage complained the council had failed to fly the English flag to mark St George’s Day on 23 April but had displayed the Albanian flag yesterday (Monday) in celebration of Albanian Independence Day.

“What is wrong with these people?” he asked, telling Bedford Borough Council to “sort it out”.

However, Bedford Borough Council’s social media team quickly pointed out the outspoken GB News presenter was wrong.

Responding to Mr Farage, they shared a Tweet from Mayor Dave Hodgson (Lib Dem) showing the St George’s Cross flying from Borough Hall and the Old Town Hall dated 23 April 2022.

However, the misleading comment was retweeted over 2,500 times and liked by over 11,000 other Twitter users, with Mr Farage facing no consequences for spreading misinformation.

Hundreds of Twitter commentators have been quick to point out the gaff, suggesting that Mr Farage doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

Bedford is one of the most diverse areas in the country with 23% of people living here from BAME backgrounds.