Bedford-born Tom Grennan takes to Twitter to entertain fans

Tom Grennan

Former St Thomas More pupil, Tom Grennan, is doing what he can to make the best of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Last night (Wednesday) the singer/songwriter took to Twitter, asking fans to suggest songs they’d like him to cover.

“I will try and get a few done for you all,” he tweeted. “What do you wanna hear?”

Not only is Tom using his talent to brighten up social media, he’s also offered to run errands, walk dogs and generally help out any elderly people facing social isolation in his London neighbourhood.

Tom Grennan twitter
Tom’s tweet

In fact, he can’t get round to recording the cover versions until he’s finished his errands.

You can follow Tom on twitter @Tom_Grennan to see which of the suggested songs he’s selected.

Bedford’s community spirit is strong in this one…