‘Bedford Big Thank You’ raises over £1k in just 12 hours to support NHS frontline workers

Frontline staff at Bedford Hospital

To support the vital frontline workers at Bedford Hospital, a charity is raising funds to purchase essential items – plus morale-boosting cake – as part of their ‘Bedford Big Thank You’.

The Bedford Hospital Charity and Friends (BHC&F) set up their People’s Fundraising page yesterday and raised £1,118.75 in just 12 hours.

The charity – formerly Bedford Hospitals Charity (established in 1988) and Friends of Bedford Hospital (formed after WW2) – has raised over £9m for projects at Bedford Hospital.

Dr Robert Oakley OBE is the Vice-Chairman of the charity and explained to the Bedford Independent why they have set up the fundraiser.

“We wanted to give “The Bedford Big Thank You” to all our hard working and dedicated NHS Staff at Bedford Hospital during this very challenging time.

“They are working day and night in the front-line caring for our family and friends whilst placing themselves at greater risk of catching the coronavirus. Whilst we can clap our support, we want to show them our appreciation by providing our thanks in kind.”

The charity arranged for the delivery of 40 cakes donated by La Rondine on Queen Street and donated a further 1,000 cakes which were delivered on Thursday.

Bedford Hospital Charity & Friends“We’ve heard from the hospital that they were greatly appreciated and caused quite a frenzy,” said Dr Oakley.

“Next week we are providing daily fresh fruit and bottled water and have asked the staff what else we can do to thank them.”

The food has been purchased through the Hospital’s catering department to minimise the need for volunteers to put themselves at risk of infection. The cakes were collected from the bakery by the Hospital transport services.

BHC&F have placed a £25,000 order for 20 reclining chairs so that the staff can take a quiet moment to relax during their break time and are also donating £25,000 to improve the Wi-Fi around the hospital to help communication whilst allowing staff to keep in touch with their loved ones.

“Please support our very own NHS Carers by making a donation to “The Bedford Big Thank You” campaign,” said Dr Oakley.

“And a “Big Bedford Thank You” to you for your support.”

To donate, visit the People’s Fundraising website.

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