Bedford-based violinist behind London charity concert to provide urgent Afghan aid

Enrico Alvares, an international violinist who lives in Bedford, is the driving force behind the benefit concert

A Bedford-based international violinist is bringing a star-studded concert to London this weekend to raise funds for aid in Afghanistan.

Enrico Alvares, who lives in the Prime Ministers area of Bedford, has collaborated with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to bring together some of the finest classical musicians in the world to perform at St James’s Church in Picadilly this Friday (22 October).

It will be hosted by Classic FM’s John Suchet, who will also speak about his time as an ITN reporter embedded with the Mujahadeen in the 1980s. The IRC’s chief executive, David Miliband will pre-record a speech that will be broadcast as part of the event.

This is the third large-scale fundraising concert Enrico has organised, beginning with an event in 1999 in response to the crisis in Kosovo.

“Julian Bream came out of retirement and Daniel Harding was the conductor,” Enrico told the Bedford Independent. “The performance sold out and in 2015 we were inspired to organise another following the Nepal earthquake tragedy.”

Following the recent surge in conflict and instability in Afghanistan, Enrico felt that he could do something to help by raising money through another charity concert.

Thanks to the help of world-renowned musicians and humanitarian charity the International Rescue Committee (IRC) the Concert of Afghanistan will take place in London on Friday and live-streamed globally via

Concert for Afghanistan

“This concert provides an opportunity for some of the finest musicians in the world to donate their time and abilities to help those they feel to be in great need,” said project director, Ernesto.

“Everyone in this concert – whether performer, helper, listener physically present in the hall, or listener virtually present via streaming – is part of a very special event and one based entirely on love for fellow humans. You will hear that in every note. I guarantee it.”

Melanie Ward, UK Executive Director at the International Rescue Committee, said:
“We are extremely grateful for all of the musicians dedicating their time and talent to this Concert for Afghanistan, as we are working relentlessly in Afghanistan to deliver urgent aid.

“Children and their families in Afghanistan are facing multiple threats to their lives and wellbeing. As we were just celebrating the International Day of the Girl, a few days ago, we need to do everything we can to ensure Afghan girls can continue their education.

“It is great to see music bringing people together for such an important cause.”

All proceeds from the concert will go directly to the International Rescue Committee, to help it with its work in Afghanistan.

Ticket prices are from £25 – £395 and you can live-stream the performance for free. In return, the organisers kindly ask for a donation to the IRC via their eventbrite link.

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