Bedford arrest lands drug dealing “mastermind” behind bars

Abdirizak Alassow arrest April 2019
The moment Abdirizak Alassow was arrested after being identified and followed by a Bedfordshire PCSO

A county lines drug dealer, arrested in Bedford, has been jailed for four-and-a-half years after an extensive investigation by Bedfordshire Police.

Abdirizak Alassow, 21, of Pemdevon Road, Croydon, was put behind bars on Thursday (27 June) after pleading guilty to supplying Class A drugs cocaine and heroin.

Bedfordshire Police’s Operation Nola team, proved that Alassow was the “mastermind” behind the so-called ‘Nino line’, which put drugs on Bedford’s streets.

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Their investigation found links between Alassow and a phone number which sent out messages advertising drugs for sale.

He had already been arrested multiple times in Bedford over the past 10 months, including after a drugs warrant in January. On some occasions he was found in possession of drugs and cash.

Earlier this year, he was arrested on suspicion of driving a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent, after being spotted by a PCSO in April.

Alassow was followed by PCSOs while they spoke to the control room. They were guided into the Castle Road area of Bedford where he was detained and arrested.

A later search of his phone found data connecting him to the supply of Class A drugs.

At Luton Crown Court, he received a sentence of four years and six months.

Detective sergeant Tom Hamm, whose team led the investigation, said: “This was a complex and painstaking investigation which painted a clear picture of Alassow’s involvement in drugs supply.

“We were able to piece together multiple pieces of information to leave it beyond question that he was a key player.”

This is the third major sentence for those involved in running county lines into Bedford in recent months.

In April, Esa Wabasemba, 20, of West Hill, London, a dealer for the Nino line, was sentenced to spend three years in a young offender institute.

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Dale Williams, 30, of Wigston, Leicestershire was jailed for four years this month, after a separate operation targeting a different county line led to his conviction.

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“We are determined to make Bedfordshire a hostile environment for anyone attempting to come into our county and deal drugs,” added PC James West.

“Through this enforcement action we have been able to dismantle two major drugs supply lines into Bedford.

“These drugs gangs are often involved in trafficking children across the country to deal drugs, as well as exploiting vulnerable adults.

“To end this exploitation of vulnerable people it is vital that we continue to arrest those involved in drugs supply and put them behind bars.”

If you have information about drugs activity taking place, report it to 101 or online at Bedfordshire Police’s website.

You can also contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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