Bedford and Kempston Green Party launch manifesto

Adrian Spurrell Green Party
The Green Party's Adrian Spurrell

Bedford and Kempston’s Green Party have launched their manifesto, setting out plans for a carbon neutral UK by 2030, two decades earlier than the current government target.

The manifesto includes a Green New Deal, with investment of £100bn per year for ten years to take the UK to net zero carbon in a decade.

Other promises are £60bn of investment in the NHS over the next decade, and a Universal Basic Income for UK citizens.

The manifesto aims to slash emissions and improve the quality of life for everyone in the UK.

Speaking to the Bedford Independent, Adrian Spurrell, Green Party candidate for Bedford and Kempston, said: “I am proud to see the launch of a genuinely radical and ground-breaking manifesto.

“It is the only one presented by any of the political parties that genuinely attempts to address the climate emergency and achieve net zero carbon by 2030

“Our manifesto introduces innovative solutions to many of today’s problems. such as a Universal Basic Income as an alternative to the misery of Universal Credit.

“I welcome this policy, and if elected as a Green MP for Bedford, I would fight to give dignity and choice to those on benefits.

“Adopting the policies in our manifesto would stop the unnecessary expansion of Luton Airport and the wasteful Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.

“Electing more Green MPs to Parliament would help prioritise public transport projects like East West Rail, and help shut down the environmental blight of waste burning projects like the Covanta Incinerator.

“I am confident this comprehensive manifesto will inspire many people to vote Green on 12 December.”

The full manifesto is available at

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