Be part of the ‘Bedford in a Day’ project on Saturday 22 June

Bedford in a Day 2019

This summer, the Bedford Independent is partnering with Explore Bedford and the Bedford Clanger to launch an ambitious, Borough-wide photography project – and we’d like as many people as possible to take part.

Inspired by the Bedford Clanger’s A Photo A Day project in 2012 and 2013, we will be documenting 24 hours in the life of Bedford, from midnight to midnight and everything in between.

Everyone, from professional photographers to families, are encouraged to take part and age or technical ability is no object.

How does it work?

We’ll be breaking the 24 hours down into half-hour segments and we want Bedfordians to pitch for specific time slots throughout the day.

  • Shift workers – show us what you’re doing through the night.
  • If you’re performing on stage, photograph the crowd.
  • If your cafe opens at 7, we’d love to see a photo of you setting up in the morning.
  • Are you a park runner? We’d love to see a mass pre-run photo at 9am.
  • Perhaps you’re getting married that day. Share your cake cutting moment with us.
  • Rowers – capture your early morning training session.
  • Dog walkers – show us the best of the Borough’s countryside.
  • If you’re a skater, share some stunts with us.
  • Village green cricket matches, bowls, tennis and golf definitely need to be included.
  • Shopkeepers & market traders – show us your wares!

This is not just for professional photographers – although we’d love them to take part too – this is a documentary project that anyone can take part in. You just need to take one photo at the agreed time of the day.

How you can take part
We’ve broken the 24 hours down into half hour slots, enabling us to collect 48 photos throughout the day. eg: 00:00, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30 etc…

We’d like you to email us a short pitch to explain why you should be allocated that time slot.

We want everything from the exciting to the mundane, and we want it to be a representative of a normal day as possible.

Some shots will be set up and professional, others will be reportage, some will be with a smartphone, some will be using an SLR camera & tripod. Some might use droness some black and white and others colour.

You can submit your image straight away, or spend a while editing. There is no right way or wrong way. It’s just your way.

But, we’ve literally only got one shot per half hour, though, so make it count!

To register

To pitch for a specific time slot, please email

In the subject field, put the time slot you’re pitching for and description (eg: 06:00 getting ready for work / 11:30 dog walk at Priory Country Park / 22:00 drinks at the Welly).

You must use the 24 hour clock.

If your pitch is successful, we’ll email you back with the terms & conditions of taking part & how the images need to be submitted.

Once you’ve agreed to the T&Cs, the slot is yours. We will send you a reminder, but PLEASE DON’T FORGET!

Once all the photos are collated, DBM Motion Graphics will be using them to make a film of ‘a day in the life of Bedford’.

All photographers will be credited.

Sponsorship packages are available and you can email to find out more.

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