BBC’s Justin Dealey helps as Bedford Academy launches their new school radio station

BA Radio presenters at the launch of the station

A new initiative to enhance students’ communications skills, career choice and community engagement has launched at Bedford Academy.

The new school radio station, BA Radio, was officially launched on 13 September with the help of BBC Three Counties presenter, Justin Dealey, who has offered his support to the students and said he is looking forward to sharing his expertise.

The radio station was the brainchild of the school’s STEM coordinator, Ms Vinette Hoffman-Jackson, who said: “Equipping our students with effective communication skills will lay the foundation for future successes.

“Our priority is to provide first-class education and support to all students who attend our school through innovations and research.”

The student-run radio station is already proving popular. Debora Cipriano, a new Year 7 student said she was excited about launching her own radio show on well-being whilst Yahya Chowdhury spoke of interviewing our Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the future.

Tesfa Bernard, a Year 10 student with an ambition to study sports journalism, said he was excited at the prospect of presenting a sport programme.

The launch was attended by Mayor Dave Hodgson, David Morris, CEO of HEART Academies Trust, headteacher Christopher Deller and Justin Dealey of BBC 3 Counties radio.

The radio station will initially be web-based with plans to secure a DAB license in the near future.

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