Bags of love spread across Bedford

love in a bag
Mel surrounded by bags collected as part of the 2018 campaign

Back in October, we wrote about the launch of Mel Stratton’s Love in a Bag campaign – aiming to deliver much needed essentials, plus a message of hope and support, to women in crisis.

The response was phenomenal and hundreds of people joined Mel’s call to arms. By Friday 14 December, a total of 625 handbags filled with toiletries, sanitary products and little luxuries had been donated to collection points all over the county and beyond.

“I just want to thank everyone SO much for their kindness and generosity but especially for the enthusiasm and support,” said Mel. “We have made such a difference and the feedback from the various charities and organisations that have benefitted from these kind donations has made it all so worthwhile.

It’s been a real team effort… Amorco Transport have been absolutely amazing… collecting all the bags, storing them, acting as a collection point for all the charities and helping them load up. John, Dave, Steve and Kevin definitely deserve a mention for all they have done..I couldn’t have done it without them”

Charities that have received the Bags of Love include:

Asked if she’ll do it again next year, Mel said: “I think so. We’d like to introduce Love in a Man Bag Bedford too. Now I know how it all works, it would be nice to support our local gentlemen.

“A huge thank you to all those businesses who believed in the project and acted as drop off points, to all the businesses that ran it ‘in house’ and collected bags, to all my fabulous friends who gave up their time to help to sort through the bags and to every single one of you that donated a bag full of Love.

“You’ve all been AMAZING and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas.”

Follow Love in a Bag on Facebook and Twitter to find out about their plans for 2019 and how to get involved.

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