Average speed cameras installed on Mile Road following resident feedback

Councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan with the Mile Road speed camera

Average speed cameras have been installed on Mile Road after local councillors said that speeding and bad driving habits were the most frequently raised issues in their ward.

Cauldwell ward councillors Fouzia Atiq and Abu Sultan have been persistantly lobbying Bedford Borough Council to install the cameras, which studies show reduce accidents by between 17% and 39%.

Speed cameras are also shown to reduce fatalities between 58% and 68%

“As ward councillors, our role is to listen to concerns raised to us by our residents, and ensure these concerns are heard at Bedford Borough Council and acted on,” said Cllrs Atiq and Sultan.

“Though there was a delay in getting the speed cameras installed – mainly due to lack of availability of parts – we are pleased the average speed cameras have now been installed.

“All the evidence suggests road safety improves where speed cameras are installed. We are committed to making our roads safer for all users, and to making sure Cauldwell is a pleasant and safe place to live.”

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