Artist brings ‘colourful path of joy’ to life for Bedford resident

Pritti and Sarah with the completed path (Photo: Ru Cook)

Imagine being so dedicated to something that you want to be reminded every time that you open your door.

Well, that is exactly what Bedfordian Pritti Saggi has done, with the help of local illustrator Sarah Harrison.

Pritti, who founded local wish-granting charity Creating Memories back in 2018 to help bring joy to children with life-limiting or terminal illnesses, was determined to lift her own spirits after months of lockdown by bringing a splash of colour to her pathway.

By using some leftover paint, she gave her front path a colourful make-over, but she wanted to add some finishing touches.

She put a request on the We Are Bedford Facebook group on 9 January, to ask for the help of a lettering artist to bring her dream to life.

Pritti received dozens of responses, including one from artist Sarah Harrison, who offered to help.

Sarah is a Bedford-based illustrator who recently hit the headlines when she collaborated on a children’s book about grief.

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“Initially it was just going to be words,” said Pritti. “But after discussing it with Sarah, we saw an opportunity to create an uplifting piece of art for all to enjoy.

“Between us it evolved with images that connected with me personally and Sarah has elevated it through illustrations.”

By 15 January the Colourful Path of Joy was complete.

Talking about her involvement, Sarah said: “When I saw Pritti’s shout-out for a collaborator on this project, something connected and I knew I had to get involved.”

“Her energy made the creative process an absolute joy, and seeing passers-by smile, has been truly heartwarming.”

The spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) has meant that Pritti has had to stop carrying out wishes for children through Creating Memories, something that she has found very difficult.

“Since becoming a registered charity in the spring of last year we have been building the charity up behind the scenes, and this artwork is a way for me to remind myself of what Creating Memories means to me,” said Pritti.

“Sarah’s talent and vision has completely transformed my initial plan for this path-way and created something truly amazing.

“It makes me smile every day and I hope it makes others smile on their daily walks too.”

For Sarah, it was a way to share some community positivity. Plus, she was able to do something special for Pritti too.

“In the spirit of Creating Memories, I am so happy this artwork has made Pritti’s own wish a reality.”

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