Are you even a Bedfordian if you haven’t done at least 20 of these?

Dinky Donuts
If you've not had any of Lina Ognissanti's Dinky Donuts are you even from Bedford?

We all know Bedford is a great place to live, but what does it mean to be a true Bedfordian?

The team at Explore Bedford have conducted exhaustive ‘scientific’ research and think they’ve cracked what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Bedford legends like John Bunyan or Amy Walmsley and be called a true Bedfordian.

John Bunyan by Thomas Sadler 1684
John Bunyan by Thomas Sadler 1684.

They’ve listed 35 things that can only be experienced in our fine town. Once you’ve calculated your score, check below to see how much of a Bedfordian you really are.

  • You’ve eaten a Bedfordshire Clanger from Gunns’ Bakery
  • Cruised on the John Bunyan boat
  • Danced amongst the wet walls at Winkles/Limehaus/The Pad (RIP)
  • Run any of the Bedford Parkruns
  • Pierced your ears at All Ears
John Bunyan boat
John Bunyan boat
  • Had your nerves wracked while watching the Bedford Blues, Bedford Town FC, Kempston Rovers, Queen’s RFU, Bedford Athletic or Bedford Tigers
  • And watched the Blues’ Fireworks for free by standing in the cold on Goldington Road
  • Eaten pizza at Santaniello’s
  • Explained to non-Bedford friends why John Bunyan is so famous
  • Stomped on the musical steps on the corner of Harpur Street and Silver Street…
  • …after buying donuts from Lina Ognissanti in her Dinky Donuts van
  • Drank too much beer at the River Festival… and then gone back on the Sunday for more
  • Queued at the One Stop cash point on Castle Road over the River Festival Weekend
  • Nearly been run over crossing D’Parys Avenue by the taxi rank
  • You’ve stayed in The Rose ’til close
  • Had a coffee in the rain at La Piazza
  • Lost your car in Lurke Street car park
Lurke Street Car Park
Lurke Street Car Park
  • Sat in the Longholme Cafe Otter spotting
  • Had a pint while sitting in the barrel chairs at the Wellington Arms
  • Watched a band at the Ent Shed
  • Queued at the Primark returns desk for hours
  • Bought something from Pat at Bargain Alley
The Wellington Arms
The Wellington Arms
  • Argued with the admins on the ‘We are Bedford’ facebook page
  • You’ve had a Costa at every Costa in town
  • Written on the walls of Esquires‘ toilets
  • Pretended to be Tiger Woods on the putting green at the Kiosk at the Park
  • Had a curry on Tavistock Street
Esquires Graffiti
Esquires Graffiti
  • Bought anything you could think of from Goldings
  • Accidentally bid on something at Peacocks
  • Bought sweets from the Arcadia sweetshop
  • Pretended to be in the Oompah band at the Bamberg Beer Festival
  • Know someone who worked at Granada
Arcadia Sweet Shop
Arcadia Sweet Shop
  • Danced and sang as the sun goes down at Bedford Park Concerts
  • Worked at Charles Wells Brewery
  • Given up trying to explain where Bedford is

So, what’s your score? How much of a Bedfordian are you?

1 to 5: Have you just arrived on the X5? Give it a while and you’ll be one of us.
5 to 15: So close. To be fair you probably know your way around the one way system by now.
15 to 25: Yes! Born here or not, you’re a Bedfordian alright.
More than 25: Well done, are you John Bunyan or Amy Walmsley in disguise?