Antiques, affordable art and artisan food: Bedford Flea is back

Bedford Flea
Affordable art at the Bedford Flea market

After an enforced year off due to Covid restrictions, the Bedford Flea market is looking forward to a triumphant return to St Paul’s Square this Sunday (9 May)

The market – which launched in 2018 – is, “a smorgasbord of second-hand goods, talented artists, locally grown ingredients and homemade produce,” say organisers Talia Giles and Laura Holmes, who are working on putting Bedford firmly back on the map as lockdown measures ease.

“Our aim is to provide a platform for our growing community of skilled farmers, producers, artists and hobbyists we have here in Bedford and surrounding villages,” said Talia.

“After a year off due to Covid restrictions, this weekend we’re launching the new local produce section.

“We’ve got cut flowers, artisanal bread, hand-reared meat, fish, cheese, cakes, beer, cider, gin, sauces, skincare and more. As we grow, we will have guest stalls each month as well as our regulars.”

With the forecast predicting a balmy 18 degrees, Sunday’s market will also see some very special guests – Foxy Wings X Beerfly.

A local lockdown success story, the market will be the first-ever outing in public for the Foxy team ahead of their restaurant launch later this summer.

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Visitors will be able to try their wings with a ‘pay what you fancy’ scheme raising funds for their already hugely successful Crowdfunder.

“Markets are an affordable way for those without a bricks and mortar shop to connect with new customers so are vital in supporting the local self-employed economy,” said co-organiser, Laura.

“On top of this, all of our Flea Family Community have access to a new online group that acts as a business support network where we can grow together. As an artist myself, I know how valuable these connections are in keeping sane at such a volatile time in business”.

Lovely new branding

Eagle eyed Flea fans will notice that the market’s branding has been given a 2021 facelift and their social media content has focused on telling the story behind each small business taking part.

“It’s been touch and go with Covid restrictions but there’s now a huge buzz about our launch for 2021,” said Talia.

“Our aim is for us to become a destination market and pull in crowds from neighbouring counties”.

Bedford Flea runs on the second Sunday of the month, from May until October on St. Paul’s Square, Bedford, MK40 1SL.

Opening hours are 10am – 3.30pm. To apply as a stallholder for future events, visit their website.

You can also follow Bedford Flea on Instagram and Facebook.

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