Friday, October 18, 2019
Home 2019

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Hope you have a great day and eat lots of mozzy dippers and take lots of Huji’s! Love Curt xxx

Jez Crofts

Happy special birthday! Cant believe I am married to an almost OAP now :-)! Lots of love, Jules xx

Charlie Dunne

Happy birthday to our gorgeous friend! Girl’s day out soon!! Love Julia, Ann and Sharon xx

Jez Crofts

Happy 50th Birthday to an awesome Dad – you’re well old now! Lots of love, Charlie and Fin xx

Jamie Buddle

Happy Birthday! Have a day that is a fun as you are! Love all the family xx

Amy Parrish

Happy 10th Birthday Amy! We hope you have a lovely day. Love Mum, Dad and Ruby xx

Annie Hutchinson

Happy Birthday, Annie

Happy Birthday, Annie. We hope you had a lovely weekend. Lots of love, Team HD. x

Fin Crofts

Happy 11th Birthday Fin! We hope you have a day that is a great as you are!

Ian and Claire

Congratulations Ian Course and Claire Skinn on your engagement. Wishing you lots of love and happiness for the future

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