Anglian Water found guilty of failing to provide treatment records

Water coming from a tap Image by Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay
Image: Jeyaratnam Caniceus from Pixabay

As part of a criminal investigation into all of the UK’s water companies, Anglian Water Services Ltd has been found guilty of failing to provide adequate records.

The case was brought by the Environment Agency against Anglian Water Services Ltd, which arose out of a wider criminal investigation involving all ten water companies into potential non-compliance with environmental permit conditions at over 2,000 wastewater treatment works.

Since launching this investigation, the Environment Agency has served several statutory requirements for records on the company.

Local water campaigners said they fully endorse the legal challenge. Bedfordshire Great Ouse Valley Environmental Trust (BedsGOVET) is a voluntary group dedicated to identifying the causes and sources of pollution in the River Great Ouse.

A spokesperson for BedsGovet said: “Trustees and citizen science volunteers recorded their highest ever ecoli test results at one Bedford location on the river Great Ouse in May.

“Enforcing compliance with the regulatory controls that exist in England through the court system should not be necessary, but we fully support the Environment Agency and any other legal bodies prepared to challenge water companies who commit flagrant breaches of these limits.” 

Anglian Water Services Ltd has been convicted of failing, without reasonable excuse, to respond notices, served under Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995, contrary to Section 110(2)(a) of the Environment Act 1995 between dates in January 2022 and January 2023.

Anglian Water Services Ltd had entered a not guilty plea to the charge, claiming that they had a reasonable excuse for non-compliance.

However, having heard the evidence in the case, District Judge Kenneth Sheraton rejected that claim and the sentencing hearing will take place on 5 July at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court.